viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2011

Visit to Lehigh Valley Dual Language Charter School (LVDL)

Lehigh Valley Dual Language Charter School'AboutTheSchool'

"Construyendo cimientos de carácter, integridad y liderazgo en inglés y español"

Sociedad Hispana Doylestown member Jan (an LVDL co founder) took members and friends of Sociedad Hispana for a visit to the school referenced at heading.  

What an eye opening experience! It looked to me like skillful teachers,  experienced administrators, and student parents as volunteers, all combine to produce an outstanding educational environment.  Clearly these kids are eager to learn!

As it was explained to us by Dr. Emily Cortes-Torrado, the CEO/Principal, dual language schools present unique challenges.  A wide variety of  backgrounds and language abilities requires teachers able to teach in a dual language environment.

For Sociedad Hispana skype friends from abroad, the LVDL school web link above has a brief definition of charter schools.  They in essence are public schools,  funded by state government subsidies, whereby students have a choice to attend the traditional neighborhood school, or opt into a free public charter school.  If you have a deeper interest in the subject, the ever useful (and hopefully accurate)Wikipedia link to charter schools is here:

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  1. Our visit to the Lehigh Valley Dual Language Charter School was such a nice warm experience. We were met by the CEO/Principal Dr. Emily Cortes-Torrado and Ms Lisar Pluchinsky the schools’ Curriculum Director. During our tour of the school a goal oriented faculty and staff intent on implementing the Dual Language 50/50 model (half day instruction in Spanish and half day instruction in English) came through loud and clear. we saw the students’ art work displayed in the hallways, colorful classrooms with happy students on task and engaged. As a Bilingual Education teacher with 28 years of experience, I know the hard work, skills, dedication and commitment needed to be successful in a dual language school. So, kudos to the Administration, the Faculty and the Staff at LVDL for a job well done. !Buen trabajo águilas!

  2. Thanks Wendy. It is useful to have an experienced bilingual teacher provide comments. Thanks for joining the group.

  3. As a co-founder of the Lehigh Valley Dual Language Charter School, I was so pleased to see how it has evolved from an idea to a real school that is providing a quality dual language education to over 300 children in grades K-5, which will increase one grade level each year until it is a K-8 school. The school has only been open for one and a half years.

    It took two years, starting in 2008, to prepare a quality charter school application and then have it approved by the Bethlehem Area School District. It was approved in March 2010 and opened in August 2010.

    The application included letters of support from parents, businesses, politicians, and universities. That sense of teamwork is reflected both inside and outside of the school.

    I encourage others to contact the school to visit it and enjoy the safe, clean, disciplined, student-centered educational environment there.

    To the staff, I say, thanks for turning a dream into a reality!

  4. No habiendo estado presentes, deseamos felicitar a Jan por la maravilla de escuela que fuera fundada suguiendo sus deseos de ayudar a los "peques" desprovistos de ayuda.
    Nini y Gonzalo

  5. Gracias a la gente de Sociedad Hispana Doylestown haciendo la donación de libros al LVDLCS!

  6. Vamos a visitar nuevamente el día 17 de abril-saliendo del estacionamiento del Giant Foodstore Doylestown a las 9:30 en la mañana. Gente interesada en ir a la escuela debe de hablar con Jan.