Aprender Idiomas

ESL Classes / Clases de inglés

¡Gratis! / Free! -- Aprenda o practique su inglés con miembros de nuestra organización. Clases individuas basadas en su horario. / Learn or practice your English with members of our organization. Individual classes based on your schedule. For more details, email shdinformacion@gmail.com 

Spanish Classes / Clases de español

List of Spanish teachers and tutors -- While SHD does not offer free Spanish lessons, we are glad to provide a list of local tutors. For more details, email shdinformacion@gmail.com 

School Presentations -- We are happy to visit Spanish classes or Spanish Honor Society meetings to share cultural presentations on various topics of your choosing. Contact Melissa at shdinformacion@gmail.com to arrange a presentation.

Online Resources / Recursos En Línea

The following links below offer valuable tools for testing your current level of Spanish, as well as other information that will guide you in your studies:

Don Quijote 

This site offers five diagnostic tests and provides immediate scores with excellent feedback for incorrect answers.  There are also many links for studying Spanish grammar, vocabulary and culture, as well as courses online and abroad.

Transparent Language
Lots of great tools for learning Spanish language and culture! Includes a "Spanish word of the day" tab and free, downloadable software.

 Study Spanish

A wonderful resource for tips and lessons on pronunciation, this site has clear explanations of the basics, as well as intermediate and advanced Spanish.

 Spanish Language and Culture with Barbara Kuczun Nelson

From Colby College, this is one of the best websites out there for studying and reviewing Spanish grammar! Activities are easy to access and study modules are creative extensions of key grammar points.

Spanish Proficiency Exercises (University of Texas)

If you want extra practice listening to native Spanish speakers, this is a great website to check out! Ranging from "Beginning" to "Superior" skill levels, the site provides a vast collection of short video clips of native speakers discussing a variety of topics. Once you have selected a level and a topic, additional links allow you to review vocabulary, grammar and phrases. You can also access podcasts of each audio file.

Free Spanish Conversation Groups! (Doylestown, PA)

Join us every Tuesday for free, informal Conversation in Spanish & English, with native speakers. We meet at the Del Val University Market, from 11:30am to 1:00pm. * All are welcome!