miércoles, 12 de diciembre de 2018

Events Committee Update

On December 12th, members of our Events Committee met with representatives from 1812 Productions, Philadelphia's all comedy theater company, to find out more about how their theater is reaching out to the Spanish-speaking community. Tyler Melchior is the Marketing and Public Relations Director and Fernando Mendez is a patron who is also the Program Manager and Managing Editor of USALAMedia, and has translated plays from 1812 Productions into Spanish beginning in 2016. The plays are captioned in Spanish and subtitles appear on an LED screen to the side of the stage during the play. It's set up so that the screen is visible from any seat but doesn't require a lot of head movement back and forth to read the screen and see the action.

We are planning a trip for members of SHD to go to 1812 Productions' spring play sometime in mid-May. Please look for more information in the new year about this event! In the meanwhile, visit the 1812 Productions' website to find out more about the theater and in this article about the captioning in Philadelphia Magazine.

We're looking forward to seeing their captioned productions! Who couldn't use a good laugh from a comedy performance these days?!
1812 Productions reside at the Plays and Players Theater

Fernando Mendez and Tyler Melchior join SHD committee members for lunch

Out front of this beautiful theater in the heart of Philadelphia

Listening to Fernando explain about the theater and neighborhood

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